Friday, November 17, 2017

At Least Bear Never Did This in Navy

Some Naval Aviator in hot water now after citizens claim to see phallic sky-writing in this doodle. Bear is certain it is a dog fight exercise followed by extending away and returning on reciprocal course to reengage.

Whidbey Island aviator reduces Washington state mom to tears after having to explain the design to traumatized kids.

And you thought Bear was bad. You want to see bad? Give Bear wunna dem bad boys and he find sumpin better to do with it than that!


Bear would totally do that.


  1. A few months ago there was an attack on a church in the US, graffiti sprayed on by the most rag taggety looking bunch of dumdums you can imagine. These were labeled as something like "cadets" in the paper, but they looked like high school rejects to me.
    This is a sad situation. You have people flying million dollar jets over our skies, and while up there they are thinking about peepee's and weewee's. This is embarrassing beyond words, and that person should have a bootprint on their bum, as they are shown the door. Zero tolerance of jackasses. This man shamed our military in entirety.
    That being said, Mom in Washington should have played it off as nothing. Parents must cover some things from their children, and protect them from the more harsh and vulgar things. I don't care what it looked like, I would have ignored it in front of children.

  2. Naval aviators are a breed apart, that is certain. Bear is sure "It seemed like a good idea at the time." For all the pilot's skill at drawing something with contrails, he probably did not fully appreciate what it would look like from the ground.

    The Bear, not surprisingly, is a little more forgiving. People forget that these pilots are young. Their skill exceeds their maturity. They have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. There is no such thing as a routine carrier landing.

    And, yeah, if mom felt she had to explain that her kids... color Bear a bit suspicious. If she absolutely had to say anything (which she didn't) she could have said, "Oh, it's a man with a big nose!"

    I hope the Navy doesn't overreact. It was a dumb stunt.

    I bet he gets a new call sign, though!

  3. My wife, at first glance, thought it was a "hat". The pilot could say it was for his favorite restaurant Arby's.

    1. It gives a whole new meaning to "chem trails."

  4. Down in Texas, they call that a Hoss Cartwright.

  5. I actually feel sorry for the pilot. That probably took a bit of effort and few people seem to appreciate his artist abilities. I guess gone are the days of flying under bridges.

    1. Practicing PsyOps to demonstrate U.S. superiority in all areas over hostile ground forces.

  6. "IMPEACH THE POPE!......(er, pseudo pope.)"

    that's what badger would write.

  7. This, however, was really impressive: a flight path that drew a 787 profile

  8. Whoa, they just want you to think its a plane outline while they drop the chemtrails.


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