Friday, November 17, 2017

The Pope Video "Mission in Asia"

Oh, by the way, did you know there was another Pope Video. Neither did Bear. He keeps forgetting to pick the lowest hanging fruit of them all.

A lot of different cultures and religions exist in Asia. They have some pretty cool clothes, especially the ones who wear red turbans. Christians are the minority. They had better dialogue.

The End.

About the only thing the Bear can make of such thin soup (other than to complain about its thinness, although we know the fare by now) is how old words that used to mean one thing when Catholics used them now have a different meaning slipped under them.

"Mission," used to have a specific meaning in Catholicism. (For that matter, so did "intention.") It was an organized effort to bring the light of the Gospel to foreign lands where it had not been preached, or preached improperly.

In the current Pope Video, Pope Francis uses the word, "mission," but not in that sense at all. Now, it is in a more generic sense of "task." And, as always and only, that task is to "dialogue" with those of other faiths. No matter how many times you repeat it, though, "dialogue" is never going to sound a call to action like "Go forth and preach the Gospel to all nations."

"Dialogue" just gets more meaningless and boring every time we hear it.

Some things correct themselves, which is something we might want to remember.

Anyone with any sense knew Lumen Gentium's ringing endorsement of the Church's real "mission" at the end of its Hall of Faiths (and No Faith At All) was nothing but bush-wah. And so it proved to be.

The Bear doubts St. Francis Xavier is impressed.


  1. The best part is the title, for sure.

    "The Pope Video."


  2. We have come a long way from the day of Pope Innocent IV who "held that he had an obligation to send missionaries to infidel lands, and that if they were prevented from entering or preaching, then the pope was justified in dispatching Christian forces accompanied with missionaries to invade those lands, as Innocent stated simply "If the infidels do not obey, they ought to be compelled by the secular arm and war may be declared upon them by the pope, and nobody else." See

    Not many would agree today with such a "tough love" approach to missionary work but clearly dialogue doesn't cut it.

  3. The problem Bear sees is this. Bear has mentioned a book by Dr. Ralph Martin, "Will Many Be Saved." He argues that Lumen Genitum undermines mission. It's true. The fundamental assumption of the modern Church is the Gospel is not necessary for salvation, both de jure and far more so de facto.

    It is one thing to recognize limited exceptions. We are at the point today where the Church has no mission and does not believe she needs to have a mission. If the Bear were to ask why, then, did God bother sending his Son at all? the answer would probably be "He had to die for all people, and the visible Church is only a small part of the Church in its fullness, which includes everyone in God's love."

    Or, probably, if they were honest, He didn't. That was a long time ago "and they didn't even have tape recorders" like the head of the Jesuits said in the America interview.

    It is becoming very difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Church of the modern age does not believe faith in Christ is necessary for salvation. The Church has been repurposed as a liberal/humanitarian front promoting a secular agenda while maintaining its power base and high profile by paying religious lip-service to the idiots who still believe all that mumbo-jumbo. Unfortunately, the papacy is turning out to be a huge liability in our media saturated age, because "The Pope Said..." is always going to be a headline, and the Pope is saying things all the time.

    But, oh, by the way, Lumen Gentium cracks the whip over the heads of Catholics! Catholics had better not try to wriggle out from under the control of the Church! That's the greased sliding board to the very pit of Hell!

  4. Osus Magnus, the president of the German Catholic bishops said in 2009 that Christ did not die to redeem humanity from sin but "in solidarity with mankind." That makes the pope video look like maple syrup -- direct from the tree.

    It's about time Catholics begin to recognize that Francis might well be the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation. Anybody who substitutes the Gospel for a sanitized, watered-down promotion of "peace" and "mutual understanding" either is ignorant, delusional or diabolical.


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