Saturday, December 16, 2017

Montage of Pope Video Saxophone Man Scenes

h/t "Cyrillic" for this exhaustive collection of all of the Pope Video Saxophone Man scenes, the latest of which was in the December 2017 video titled: "Don't Hate Old People, Because They're a Lot Cooler Than You Think; Well, On Second Thought, Maybe You Can Hate the Ones Who Aren't Unexpectedly Cool."

Bear thinks Cyrillic has solved the mystery. It's all about authority.

If you watch long enough, you'll hear a debate between Saxophone Man and Policemen. They try to tell his friends that Saxophone Man "isn't above the law."

Saxophone Man's friends counter, "Oh, but he is above the law. Look. He's playing to a baby."

The Bear wants to be in a Pope Video. Here's his audition tape for the recurring role of "Saxophone Bear." Prepare to be impressed!


  1. Bwa ha ha ha!

    Tee hee.

    Seattle kim

  2. Pope gets it: Jazz unites humanity.

  3. I wonder if Francis would put me in video if I played my flute topless in the street.

    Seattle kim

    1. Bear can't say without seeing the audition tape.

  4. While you were quite the player and dancer in the video, I think if you want to be in an "official" Pope Francis video, you need to be more "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" (think "Relax") as more people in the Vatican can relate to it.

    1. When I see that video, the only think I can think of is the "jig" the allies made Hitler look like he was doing.

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