Sunday, December 24, 2017

Nativity Set: Fixed!

Bear Waits for Baby Jesus
Again, Merry Christmas. Bear would like to take a moment to thank all who have showed their appreciation for his efforts through their PayPal donations. Some have been astonishingly generous, but they all make the Bear happy and cover the modest expenses of our ephemeris. Some have set up a $10 per month donation. Thank you, all who have kept him in salmon, have contributed comments, or just enjoyed some of the Bear's eclectic articles.

May the Good God bless you and yours.


  1. Merry Christmas Bear and thank you for all you do for us and others. Looking forward to the 'Bear Tidings' of 2018.

    Mike Dowd

  2. Merry and Blessed Christmas Ursa Maximus.

  3. Merry Christmas Bear and mate and cubs! It is a good time to throw you a fish for sure! Hope it's a tasty salmon! You are nicely represented in the nativity set, how cute!

  4. And the same from down here in chilly Texas. I know it's seriously cold in the Great State of Illinois, so stay warm! Great addition to the nativity scene, by the way. A lot better than a couple of others I've seen, we don't need to mention names.



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