Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Pope Video: Old People

It's Be Nice to Old People Month

It's Advent. Christians celebrate the birth of their Savior in less than two weeks. So naturally, this month's Pope Video dwells on the joyous mystery of the Incarnation.

Just not in our dimension.

We get Be Nice to Old People Month.

The Dalai Lama and His Band

It starts off with the Dalai Lama getting dressed. There are a few other old people of different ethnicities who wander down the street, getting jostled, spit on and knifed to death by unfeeling young people. The Pope says some nice things about caring for old people, which the Bear heartily endorses.

By the way, the Pope doesn't sit at a desk with that weird teleprompter glow in his glasses anymore. He delivers his lines standing in front of a painting, possibly even of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He has something on a chain around his neck, maybe a peace symbol; it's cropped so we can't see it and Bear can't say.

A young guy hears the Cantina music from the original Star Wars coming from a warehouse. It turns out to be the Dalai Lama and his elderly multiethnic band.

The Mysterious Pope Video Hero: Saxophone Man

Once again, we see the hero of the Pope Video series: Saxophone Man. He is accepted by the old people, and, after they've finished their rehearsal, the Dalai Lama pats him on the shoulder.

The mysterious Saxophone Man wears different faces, but has appeared in so many Pope Videos we must wonder who he is and what he represents.

The saxophone was invented by a man named "Sax," which sounds like "sex." Think about it. To give just one example, remember the famous frisky Aussies who were the keynote speakers at the Family Synod? it was 57 years of sex that kept them going through 55 years of marriage.

Two famous movies with saxophones are Airplane and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, both of which have sex. The most famous saxophonist is Bill (sex) Clinton.

Off Course, Of Course

Perhaps it is the movie Airplane that holds the key, after all. A repeated coded confession by Pope Francis.

"They could be miles off course."

"That's impossible! They're on instruments."

Indeed, they are, but not on any instruments that will help them stay "on course." Not even a saxophone.


  1. There is a creepy whimsy to this music that's very unsettling. Why not a symphony, why the cantina band from Mos Isley space port? Sure, it's all inter generational fun and games till somebody brings out a light saber.

    All joking aside, other than the hideous music, the message was a good one.

  2. Oh. Died laughing. ;,D

    You're totally onto him now; watch your back. Code word: saxophone.

  3. About the saxophone teaser: are we being prepared for this combo to appear at a papal liturgy? Midnight Mass, perhaps?

  4. oh lol, it was very like the cantina music! It's just a, in some way. This is their appeal to young people motif. Yes to convince them to stop knifing those old people and realize, there's a rock star just underneath, a funky old person who's pretty cool after all, because they know how to play jazz. Maybe it's to appeal to the old people, so they say, I am pretty hip aren't I. Gotta go, I'm late for my guitar lesson.

  5. How about that Vatican Nativity scene?

    Seattle Kim

  6. If the Pope likes jazz he can't be all bad.

  7. It gets old fast, but you reminded me of this gem:

  8. I had a really weird dream one night where the priest intoned the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar in a jazzy voice, accompanied by a lone saxophone...

  9. Is this a trailer for Buena Vista Social Teaching?


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