Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jesus and the Samaritan Refugee at the Well

The powerful drugs the Bear is required to take so Fish, Game and Wildlife's Large Talking Predators Department  will allow him to walk freely among men just aren't powerful enough sometimes.

You see, in our parish, we recently learned that the Samaritan woman at the well was really "a refugee."

Now, the Bear knows Pope Francis and liberals have shoved refugees down our throats like Jorge B. slinging it at a Buenos Aires coprophagia party. Refugees are the flavor of the month. Meanwhile, homosexuals, Blacks, and other people on the periphery of our awareness (which is where I have banished Francis) are eye-rolls, get-losts, and move-alongs.

Try the Dalia Lama. He's looking for relevance these days.

Sorry, but live by the virtue signaling of others, die by the virtue signaling of others. It was never about you in the first  place, Sunshine, as you may be figuring out, but probably aren't.

Anyway, the story is now given current relevance by turning the Samaritan woman into a refugee. That's the deal, see. Jesus never realized it, of course, nor did John the Evangelist, but now we have after all these centuries.

The real story of the Samaritans began when they were forcibly removed by the Assyrians. They got a good dose of paganism, intermarried, came back, worshiped idols for awhile then invented a new religion sort of based on Judaism. Kind of like Pope Francis did with the Catholic Church. The woman at the well shows Samaritans already had the merciful Franciscan view of divorce and remarriage, since she had five husbands.

Oh, and by the way, the Lenten penitential service will be held next... Oh, what's that? Never. Fine with the Bear. Just blow of the whole freaking thing. If my parish is Catholic, my name is Paddington. Who should have eaten Jorge in his crib, but didn't because he's a poor excuse for a Bear.

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