Friday, January 26, 2018

New Baby Goats!

Latest indoor bottle baby goat, Lucky.
UPDATE: Stormy just gave birth to a single. For once Bear knows before the Shepherdess. He is the biggest one yet, but not standing sucking yet. His name is Bentley. Bear finally got Lucky to sleep.

Lucky is three days old. He is one of twins. His sister's name is Cozette and their mother is Bobbin, the daughter of Holly. Here, the Bear is trying to finish his Bear book, but a very pleased-looking Lucky has decided goats are a better topic.

Click here to find out what a baby goat sounds like wandering through your house screaming for something to eat.

Holly comes home.
Bear remembers the day we drove down to Kentucky to adopt a just-weaned Holly. Her skin-father was very reluctant to let her leave. He was a big old burly farmer who the Bear expected to break into tears.

Holly had triplets last year: Button, Bobbin and Panda. Panda was rejected, so he got to live in the house for a while. Button was adopted by someone else as a pet.

Ava had Daisy, who is now pregnant.

Blanquette had twins: Sadie and Patch. Patch was a house goat, too. He now lives with Napoleon, in "the boys" paddock. Napoleon is the father of Lucky and Cozette (the latest additions). Blanquette has horns and has turned into quite the bully, although she leaves the kids alone, at least. 

It always seems that the mothers reject one of their kids.

The night before last, the Bear was holding Lucky in his lap at 2 a.m., begging him to suck out of a bottle, but Bear didn't know the trick. Well, there's two tricks. The first is, the nipple was too free with the formula. We changed that. The second trick is you have to scratch them while they drink. That's how their mothers encourage them.

Now he's doing fine on the bottle.

Panda, one year ago, with unmarried,
hard-identity young Catholic Army veteran, Michael.
Loves goats, children, and dreams of large Catholic family
with the right girl of similar disposition. He does not read his
father's blog, or else he would probably kill him for this little ad.


  1. Michael should be married, and it is a crying shame no one has found a great way to gather all unmarried and sincere Catholics into one venue where they can find each other. They're all out there convinced there is no one for them, when there certainly is. He appears a viable candidate, handsome and by your report, a good guy.
    Little goaties are so, so sweet! Look at Lucky's coloring, his fur gives him a nice grin. He is lucky.

  2. I had a big smile on my face reading about baby goats and then the loving description of your son made the tears flow. I know I magnificent man who remained unmarried until he met God's intended...she didn't think she'd ever marry either. They married, adopted 2 babies and they make me happy just seeing them!

  3. Stormy seems quite clueless as a new mom. So, now we have two baby goats from different moms in the house on bottles! Bentley is the biggest kid we've ever seen. I wish you could all just feel how soft he is. We also have another doe ready to give birth!

  4. Yes. This. All the lonely, super desirable hard liner Catholics... we need like a Catholic version of the Ugly Bug Ball (Burl Ives. You know it, right??!).

  5. BTW, Bear, I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that you're familiar with Chamillionaire out there in the forest. Is nowhere safe??!!

    Gonna add right here that I only know the reference through Weird Al's 'White and Nerdy.' True story.


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