Friday, January 19, 2018

Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation IMDB Page

This lovely short film has been released and accepted by the Internet Movie Database. (Bear narrated and is credited under his human nom de plume.)

Watch it at its website. It's worth it.


  1. We loved it! The volume from the film itself is very low, my hearing impaired husband could not make it out. I could, and you sounded great! Nicely narrated, and the film is just lovely. I shared it. It's like floating around in heaven for a few minutes.

  2. Thanks Tim-Bear. Good meditation. Suggest the words be shown on the screen as you speak. The music tends to overwhelm your speaking.

  3. That 4 minutes of Heaven made me cry!

  4. Thanks for taking a look! If you liked it, please give it a rating at IMDB.

  5. Ironically, those famous pillars got blown away by a supernova. In 4000 years there will be a spectacular show when that light reaches us!


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