Monday, February 12, 2018

It's Official: The Kudzu Presidency

He should have seen this coming.

It's official: the Obama Presidential portrait, portraying President Obama as... er...  This is what passes rapidly through the Bear's 450 gram ursine brain:

  • Kudzu. If you've ever been in the southern part of the United States, you'll know what Bear means. It covers everything. Fast. Probably not the best image to create.
  • The "art" collection of the banana republic dictator in the old Peter Falk - Alan Arkin comedy, The In-Laws.
  • Little Shop of Horrors? 
  • Stalin would have had the artist shot.
  • What passes for "art" these days is like Soviet propaganda posters in its earnest official correctness, except the Soviets were good at it.
  • The artist was actually Glen Beck.
  • Someone's sense of what will generate immediate derision is broken.
  • Pope Francis will now commission a "green" official portrait with a mafioso at his feet and a refugee in his lap. Saxophone Man will be peeking out from the vegetation.

President Obama didn't paint it, so the Bear's ridicule is directed against the painter, or, rather, the culture that tolerates this kind lookatme! hack garbage.


  1. The boy king will need some kudzu to hide in, when the fake Russian dossier and spy-gate is eventually tied back to him.

  2. Yes, yes, YES on all counts!

    It DOES look like he's on a 'low backed "throne"' in the woods...even taking a 'wide stance' at it (the bear placement was a masterful not-so-subliminal prompt on your part....made me laugh out loud). And yep, the growth pattern look like kudzu (spent 7 years in Alabama....I KNOW kudzu!).....BUT, the patterning of the leaf just looks too much like big, fat mary-jane leaves. How flamingly appropriate.

    Yes indeed......MUCH to ridicule here......for maaaaaaany years to come.

  3. He is, six fingers and all, deep in the weeds. (And we know what kind of weed he likes....)


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