Monday, March 19, 2018

Divine Beauty - Film

Here is a project with which the Bear could not be more proud to be associated. A film from the Bear's polymath Maltese-American publisher, Marcelle Abela. The Bear is an old radio broadcaster, as is Red Death*, and we both enjoyed getting back into some voice work.

In another matter, the recent banning of this ephemeris from Facebook continues. On the other hand, the Bear's net worth did not drop by billions since. Coincidence? If you value this little (and it truly is little) blog, please consider sharing with your friends by retweets or other means to help make up for the FB strangulation.

Thank you - the Management

*as in experienced


  1. Proud of you, Bear and Red Death - signed, Bald Eagle.

  2. Well done, like everything you all do.
    How annoying, that kid in the second row, at about 10:20 or so. Doing the dab?
    In the first part of the video, there are two female voices not quite overlapping. One sounds almost like a child but it's hard to tell. Was it supposed to be that way?
    It's a beautiful video. :)

    1. Thanks!

      Red Death is one of the female voices. I am certain it was VERY technically challenging to take two recordings and weave them together like that. I did my part in one or two takes, which is very few for me. Just worked, at least I think so.

      I believe the whole idea was to show the contrast between the beauty owed God and the banal offerings we too often see today - which has an effect on the way people act in church.

      That is just my interpretation. I am not the filmmaker ğŸŽ¥ just a guy who got a script and read it into a microphoneğŸŽ¤ plugged into my computer (I use Audaciry).


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