Wednesday, July 18, 2018

You are Cordially Invited

The mind behind the Bear is live at Conspiracy of Crows. If you have not yet checked it out, I would love to have more visitors. As you probably know, you're not likely to find controversy. The latest article provides the criminal charges characters are facing after the Judging Angels cliffhanger. Can you guess the defendant?

Sorry I delayed getting comments approved. There's a lot going on besides the switch. Time for a house refinancing, and we're taking advantage of VA benefits that seem to be designed to deny. Also medical experiments--er, procedures at the VA (routine, but even so...) and flailing away at the sequel to Judging Angels. Some interesting challenges on that, as the current article at CoC suggests.

What can you expect at Conspiracy of Crows? Humor. More stuff like the internet criticism, more movies, more about writing. And, of course, Ginger. Stop by and say hi. Some of the Bear's woodland creatures have already done so.

Again, the best thing about this blog was always the readers who contributed to the sense of  playfulness and community, as well as very erudite comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Thanks Bear. Good luck with your vicissitudinous life. I will pray for you. Salmon are running.

    1. meh, part of getting older. You go in for one thing and then they say, I'm not sure I like the sound of your lungs, better to get an xray before we do this, and so then it's oh, by the way, there's a tiny thing in your lung that wasn't there in February, so you'd better get a CT scan, even though we're 99% sure it's nothing. My life used to take me all sorts of places. Now I'm on a first-name basis with everyone at the VA lol.

      I know the new blog isn't topical, but I served my tour, got my Francis War Service Medal and it's time for a cushier post. I'll find the right balance of articles, although I'm devoting more time to writing. It's great to hear from you, Mike, and I hope you're not a stranger. Hey, it just hit me tonight that the CROW who attacked the dove at the Vatican would be a great hook to a story...

  2. Thanks Tim. I will continue saying prayers for you. For me attacking most Church management is the way to go. I have a big investment in this organization and the current management is destroying it's product and losing customers. I am a corporate raider of sorts. Please join me once in awhile. And good luck with your writing and your physical and mental health. By the way, I like the Crow image. The Vatican needs to eat a little of it. Make that a lot of it.

    1. Physical, yes, but I would not know how to function with a so-called "normal" mind. I have no doubt my life would have been less creative and rewarding if I weren't a bipolar Bear. It's like being a fighter pilot--it's all about energy management. Okay, a fighter pilot in an airplane that sometimes has a mind of its own. It's still about management. Knowing when to go forward, when to stop, and when to take it easy. It teaches a lot of insight, too, and that is far too valuable to ever wish away. I wish more people would learn to observe their behavior and ask why they're doing what they do and what they can reasonably hope to accomplish and so forth.

      Anyway, I expect we'll see some improvement over Francis in the next pope, but not a lot.

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    1. Thanks for your participation, here, then, and all the best!


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