No revolution is complete without agitprop to rally the masses and infuriate the oppressors! The Bear is reviving his Agitprop Page. All images may be used without alteration. (Yes, there is some self-interest displayed.) It's all original parody or agitprop by the Bear and the Bear assures you it is all legit. Under Bear law.  No, really, these fall under "fair use."

Right click and "download image" to your desktop, where you can easily find it. Then just post it to your favorite social media outlet, use it in your blog, or spam your contacts.

This is bold, not disrespectful, and  effective. Please help get it out there.
Great for ephemera (blogs), and Facebook. Do your part and pass it on!

This one seemed like a good idea at the time... the Bear will keep
it until the current crisis is over.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx is a worthy target of the Bear's
satire. Useful for any articles about his Bavarian freak show.

For liberals like the elderly gentleman from Argentina,
Jesus is just a cardboard cut-out that gets unfolded when they want to get into your pockets.

This one will probably need a caption, like "Cardinal Marx and Plan 9 from Germany."
But just wow. The Bear outdid himself this time.

+Cupich, you have made Captain Picard angry.

Come on, encourage philoprogenitiveness. Where's Dad?
He's taking the picture! Seriously, we don't have priests because we don't have kids.

This was originally just humorous. Now it's ironic.

Rare photo of the Bear with friends.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to create an Iron Bear suit.
Now he has super-strength, can fly, and shoot lasers from his paws.

Ever feel like this?


  1. Cool wallpaper! But you might want to check the spelling of the text below the St. Benedict medal. I am pretty sure suave -> suade, ispe -> ipse, and I don't know why mala shouldn't be malae, to agree with the plural sunt and quae.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I hate typos. Especially in Latin. Thanks. I'll fix it.

    2. Actually, that last one, mala, is probably correct according to the interwebs. I guess "quae" is neuter. My bad.

    3. Actually, that last one, mala, is probably correct according to the interwebs. I guess "quae" is neuter. My bad.


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