Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog Orientation

Do you find it boring when bloggers talk about their blogs? Sure you do. Everybody does. But each blogger convinces himself that he will be the exception. Since the Bear considers his readers his guests, in good Benedictine fashion he must advise you to skip this entry. It's just a waste of time. Seriously.

Since I was absent for three months, I feel obligated to explain. I was not kidnapped by the circus (again). Were it only that simple. A far more unnatural and sinister adventure took me, which I shall relate when I have recovered from the diabolical disorientation that still seizes my brain.

After my escape, midway upon the journey of my life, I found myself half-dead, within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost. When I heard a voice, as one speaking from long ago:

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.

We have the theology.

We have the capability to make the world's first blogonic bear.

St. Corbinian's Bear will be that Bear.

Better than he was before.

Better... stronger... faster.

And so you might notice some changes. Three full-blown, researched essays a week doesn't leave time for all the other things a Bear-about-town must do. I am juggling no less than three murder cases at the moment, never mind the usual crop of lesser felonies, with only my faithful driver, bodyguard, and factotum, Red Death, to assist me. So I am not committing to a schedule as before. If you don't want to miss an installment, there's an email sign up. (I don't even see those, so I couldn't sell your address to buy some Korbinian's Dopplebock if I wanted to.)

I'm going to discipline myself to keep articles shorter.

I am not going to look at my numbers. Call it a mortification. But there is a subtle pull to do more of what generates the most page views. I don't want to operate like that. (I wonder if that's why Catholic blogs seem so similar?) I'll just imagine Mark Shea cries himself to sleep every night because he can't match the Bear's readership.

Products that are Bear-approved are not revenue-generating ads. They're just things I use and find exceptionally helpful.

All my old articles are gone. Not because I thought they weren't good, but because I was a little too pleased with them. I will revisit some old topics, though.

Finally, I know your little secret. You come for the Bear. So SCB 2.0 is increasing its Bear content by 25%.

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  1. The Handmaidens of Political Correctness are keening a lament in the forest dark, and cursing the evaporating dew that has carried away all traces of your escape route :-D


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