Wednesday, February 5, 2014

UN Still Molesting Children Worldwide; Takes Break to Bash Church

The UN is an international organization that sends "peace-keepers" around the world to molest children. Ironically, it also maintains a Committee on the Rights of the Child, which has just blasted the Vatican for failing to address the homosexual abuse of teenage boys. The UN wants predatory homosexual priests turned over to police and complaisant bishops identified. (The Bear agrees.) It also wants the Roman Catholic Church to stop calling homosexual acts sinful, and, for some reason, to accept contraception, too.

Let's be frank. The Roman Catholic Church is probably the largest international employer of homosexual men in the world. If they re-made The Bells of St. Mary, it would star Nathan Lane. It was some of those homosexual men who preyed on teenage boys, drawing the righteous ire of the UN in the first place. Avoiding scandal was no doubt one reason for the cover-up, but the gay lobby within the Church, by all accounts, protects its own. (You may remember Pope Francis laughed that one off by saying he'd never seen anyone with a name tag identifying him as a member of the gay lobby.)

According to the Jay Report, the vast majority of victims were adolescent boys. This is the signature of a homosexual problem, not a "pedophile" problem. Pedophiles victimize children of either sex, and young children, at that. No, younger. If you're thinking anywhere close to "jail bait," you need to move from Junior High School down to Elementary School, or even younger. (This from a specialist in that particular area of criminal justice.) The use of the word "pedophile" is a smokescreen to prevent the real threat from being identified.*

The committee said that condemning homosexual acts harmed the psyche of gay children, so the Church should stop that, too. Unless these kids are discussing the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 2357 on the playground or watching Michael Voris, they have no idea the Catholic Church considers homosexual acts sinful. They've never heard it in Catholic Education classes, or from the pulpit, and Pope Francis himself shrugged it off with his famous "Who am I to judge?" comment on the plane.

The committee was on a roll and decided to throw in contraception, too. That's right: the Committee on the Rights of the Child, doesn't want any. That would certainly solve the problem of child abuse. (And, after a few decades, all other problems, because there would be nobody to have them.)

The Vatican responded that it has already made changes to protect children, and asserted its "freedom of religion." I can only imagine what pre-Vatican II popes would have said to some upstart in John Calvin's Geneva telling them what to do. They wouldn't prop their defense up with a newfangled notion of religious freedom that puts God's Church on the same footing as Scientology.

This story will only remain interesting if the Church does place itself under UN guidance (doubtful even in these days). Of course priests who sodomize teenage boys should be turned over to the police. The Church needs, however, to assess the gay lobby's role in the crimes and cover-up, and root out the homosexual culture in its chanceries, its orders, and the Vatican itself. That is something no one seems interested in doing. I can't help but wonder if that's because the problem is far worse than we imagine.


*The Jay Report volunteered that the sexual abuse could not be attributed to homosexuals. The victim profile clearly puts the lie to that claim, which can only be interpreted as a nod to political correctness.

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  1. I cant agree with you more. I have been thinking along the same lines, thank you for your well thought out piece.


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