Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flight 777: the Ibrahim Connection

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While it lacks our professionally-produced graphics, The Aviationist blog has a good run-down of what we have been told about missing Flight 370 that you might find interesting.

Unfortunately, despite knowledge of the various scenarios far exceeding the Bear's, it comes no closer to arriving at the final fate of the 777 and its passengers and crew.

The Bear still believes it was foul play, but when your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail. So that may be professional bias. Even, so, that accounts for the facts better than anything else. Who, why, how and where remain unanswered.

One curious fact is Captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah supported Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Now, Ibrahim had been acquitted of sodomy charges in 2012. However, hours before flight 370 took off, Ibrahim's acquittal was overturned at a hearing Shah supposedly attended. Shah has been called a fanatical supporter of Ibrahim. He was probably not happy with the reversal of fortunes, to say the least.

Where does that take us? A threat to crash into the Petronas Towers, provoking an embarrassing shoot down and massive coverup? Or just an opportunity to feed an information-starved press the hint of a tie-in with the political opposition? Like every other piece of the puzzle, it doesn't fit in with all the others, and so, however intriguing, must be set aside.

The big problem is that the investigation has been irretrievably confused by the authorities in that part of the world. We simply lack reliable data points to create any convincing scenario.

Now everything supposedly has been resolved by a hitherto unknown experimental "doppler satellite" technique that puts the airplane way down south in the Indian Ocean near Australia. What the heck was it doing down there? The Bear's not buying it, and neither is China. They've demanded to see the raw data.

This will be the last 777 update until something substantial turns up.

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