Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Chance: Thumbs Up or Down On the Bear?

Time is almost done to vote on the "Bear persona" for St. Corbinian's Bear. Please vote if you haven't already. Do you like the Bear, or are you like Edmund Stoiber, and see him as a "problem?" So save the Bear, or call in the Finnish bear hunters with their dogs. Right now, between "get rid of him" and "don't care" the Bear is wondering if it's time to head for the Alps.


  1. like the bear....

  2. The "don't care" votes ought, I think, to be regarded as equivalent to consent by silence, i.e. thumb's-up for the Bear persona. "Qui tacet consentire". (What would I do without access to quotes from "A Man For All Seasons"?) Sufficient unto the Alps are the bears already thereof.

    Even if there aren't any bears in the Alps.

  3. Good point, Jane. Frankly, the Bear was worried about having to pretend to be human. And your and Pete's opinions carry weight beyond mere numbers. The people who hate the Bear must be Germans.

    You have to have some sort of "persona" in an anonymous blog. St. Corbinian's Bear represents the "beast" in all of us that struggles to become human, the passions that must be tamed. The Bear, what with his horse-eating and other manifold vices, is always falling short. Yet he keeps trying. Much of the time, he is able to lead a fairly ordinary life as a human. He is always in danger of reverting to Bear form, however, and wrecking ecumenical gatherings by an orgy of jawbone ripping. Bad Bear! But he is honest and sincere. That's where anonymity comes in.

    I hope people find relating to a Bear with a storied past in Catholic lore fun and easy.

  4. I could not be The Troll were you not The Bear. Having a fairied woodlands in the Catholic realm has been an engaging medium for your enterprise. It gives the blog personality even without a person.
    P.S. You are stupid. The Troll


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