Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pope Francis on the Kind of Bishops We Need

Francis the Shepherd.
On February 27, the Pope addressed the Congregation for Bishops. One part caught the Bear's eye (although keep in mind this is a Bishop of Rome who himself is learning not to startle the sheep). Francis is just not interested in the old arguments. This is is a good thing. Is this a conservative statement or am I reading too much into it? (Below.)

He also said the Church did not need apologists or crusaders. (He didn't say no Bears were needed, so clearly he approves.) Of course, he's talking about Bishops. We need humble and trusting sowers of the truth, he said, adding that weeds will never fill the field. Do good and you need not confront evil, he seems to be saying. Evil will never triumph.

If we had bishops such as Francis spoke of, pastors, not careerists; pastors who feed their sheep, not teach them new tricks, as C.S. Lewis wrote, who could argue we would not have a better Church? Here is the quote:

"The height of the Church is always found in the depths of its foundations. ... The future of the Church always lives in its origins. ... We know that the College of Bishops, which the bishops enter by the Sacrament, succeeds the Apostolic College. The world needs to be aware that this sequence is uninterrupted. ... People already know through suffering the experience of many ruptures: they need to find that there remains in the Church the grace of her origins".


  1. How interesting that the lamb isn't really resting on his shoulders as in the icon of our Lord. It's being held above his shoulders....


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