Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Garbage From Bart Ehrman

First of all, speaking of Easter hoaxes, the Bear has solved the fragment of "Jesus said my wife." Full text: "[You must meet] Jesus said my wife."

If there's anything sadder than an ex-Catholic, it's an ex-fundamentalist. The Catholic at least had a chance. The fundamentalist Bible scholar realizes that Holy Writ did not descend from the clouds as the Authorized Version of 1611 and his faith comes apart like a cheap K-Mart suitcase.
We're dealing with manuscripts, man. And, like, they're not even close to the originals. There are spelling errors and everything. It's all BS! And you know what else? There's this movie on YouTube. It's all in there man, about Horus, yeah. Zeitgeist. You gotta watch it!
Bart Ehrman's other book, presented in its entirety, from the Bear's memory.

Now, he's been making the rounds pimping a new book, just in time for Easter. It's pathetic, really. The only schtick the poor guy had was biblical scholarship. Now he doesn't even believe, so what else is he going to do? Someone's always willing to pull a Lord Haw-Haw in front of a microphone for propaganda purposes, but that has to be kind of degrading. They still think he's a fundy rube, but they'll trot him out every Easter as long as he's useful.

B.E. says Jesus wasn't God, and never claimed to be. That crazy stuff is only in John, which wasn't even written until 1932.
The apostles like, their minds were totally blown when Jesus died! And there were some hallucinations and stuff. And other apostles just made stuff up! Yeah! It's all BS! And you know what else? There's this movie on YouTube. It's all in there man, about Horus, yeah. Zeitgeist. You gotta watch it!
Okay, this is the book that talks about Zeitgeist. Maybe. The Bear sometimes gets his anti-Christian screeds mixed up, especially since they all use the same old arguments. It doesn't matter. LOST was more coherent.

The texts are uniquely well-attested to. There are many faithful copies. They are so widely quoted we know what they said. Nothing substantive is changed by any scrivener's error.

Doesn't appear in "best" early manuscripts, but that fact is flagged in most Bibles.
And so what?

John has always been different. This is not news! There are the synoptic gospels that track one another pretty closely: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Then there is John, which everyone believes was written last. Instead of just repeating the synoptic gospels (by then probably circulating) John nailed down some of the theology.

It is ridiculous to pretend that only John shows Jesus in a divine light. If someone is going to start off with a whopper like that, why should we take anything he says seriously?

It is equally ridiculous to claim that the Apostles, who were, remember, Jews, would dare think to make Jesus God unless Jesus had convinced them of it in unmistakable ways. (And why would the claim supposedly only appear in the last book, if it was something grief stricken fanatics did from the start?)

I mean who does that? "My guru died, I'm so sad. Let's all say he was THE God." Not even North Koreans with a brainwashed populace and state-run news media try to pull that when cranes carry Dear Leader's soul to Juche Heaven to make way for Weirder Son of Dear Leader.

It's just a stupid argument. It will be just as stupid the next time someone rushes to press with the same "new discovery."

Same old same old. You know it's coming every Easter. They've discovered Jesus' birth certificate in Pontius Pilate's filing cabinet, or whatever. And then you conveniently never hear about it again.

Personally, the Bear thinks they're just in it for the money. Otherwise, why not quietly distribute the books free in motel rooms?

Checkmate, Mr. Ehrman.

For a responsible and measured response to Ehrman's latest book, see Fr. Robert Barron.


  1. Has the author been given a job at the DNC yet?

  2. He's working on a new book funded by George Soros. "Jesus Wasn't God But the Government Is."

  3. If you're in the 70s mode (eg, photo, "hey, man" stuff), you could sing "and then there's John" with the "Maude" theme.

    Also, pericope, schmericope. That's a Fr. Karban word to make himself sound more intellectual.

  4. What ever happened to Fr. Karban? Does he no longer write for The Messenger? Hopefully he is somewhere he can contemplate the damage he did to souls. A *real* Catholic scholar knows you do not dump findings on a faithful that has not been prepared to assimilate them properly, even if the findings are valid (his ideas were usually dubious). I never knew why the bishop permitted him to weaken faith in his diocese. Someone I respect told me Karban was careful to never actually teach heresy, and that it would have caused a huge stink to get rid of him.

  5. I do believe he continues to publish at the FOSIL web site. He does state heresies. I guess he was writing under Gregory or his predecessor. Bp. Braxton has had many battles with disobedient priests you may recall. He's had to take it one at a time. The good news is Karban is no longer published in this diocese.


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