Friday, April 25, 2014

New Baby Goat

Blanquette (held by the Bear's driver, bodyguard, factotum and sometime shepherdess, Red Death)

Life goes on beyond Rome. Meet Blanquette, who came into this crazy world tonight, increasing the herds of Zoar. She's a big girl! Her mother is Lilac, and her father is Billy. Hopefully she will be an obedient little Miss, unlike her French namesake, M. Seguin's Goat.


  1. beautiful, beautiful, and yet again beautiful. God does good work, even in the midst of the tempest. Thanks for sharing this...she IS a big girl! :)

  2. She is precious!!! Btw, I'm sure Billy is happy to be a busy boy, but mindful of another recent happy event, and not having a clue how goat society orders itself, I must ask -- are harems the usual thing in goatdom?

  3. Yes, although the shepherdess says it is a matriarchy. Professor Trible would be pleased. Billy hangs out with the guys on the logs except when his services are needed.He has to watch his children through a fence, though. I am waiting for a planeload of Bishops to descend and concelebrate a border Mass.


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