Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pope Francis Will Baptize ET

Pope Francis said he would baptize an extraterrestrial. This fits in with the New Evangelization. If someone comes knocking on the church door, we'll welcome him. But we're not allowed to go, say, door-to-door, lest we proselytize.

Even so, this is a positive development. Mean old Pope Benedict never said he'd baptize aliens.


  1. Next thing you know, divorced and remarried baptized Martians will be lining up for Holy Communion.

  2. Maybe the Martian Pope is stricter? I guess your coin flip turned out the way you wanted? The Missus is still shackled to a large, smelly omnivore.

  3. "Next thing you know, divorced and remarried baptized Martians will be lining up for Holy Communion."


    To be quickly followed by homosexually practicing martians demanding their right to Holy Communion.

    ( martians have sex?)

  4. Lol! This does bring to mind the rich unexplored potential for Christian science fiction as a sub-genre...Our Lord did speak of "sheep not of this fold", and one's imagination can definitely become engaged. Maybe it's Providential - for our sanity's sake - that the history of this fold is more engaging than fiction, as in "You can't make this stuff up!" :-D

  5. I suppose everyone is familiar with the Space Trilogy of C.S. Lewis. The Bear has written a Christian horror novel, but traditional publishing is hard to break into these days. Too bad there's no way to serialize "Judging Angels" for the woodland creatures.

  6. Well, the Nilsen family of Norway, prior to August of 2012, probably would have said there was no way a mother bear and three cubs could destroy their cabin - including all the appliances - and drink approx. 100 beers in addition to eating every scrap of food in the place. Where there's a will, there's often a way. Please rethink the serialization thing.

  7. Have you thought of self publishing Bear? I believe you can do small runs. I would love to read this, and would buy quite a few for family and friends.

  8. I may post the first chapter and see if anyone wants more. I did look into self-publishing, and e-publishing, but when my mom died, I lost interest. She was an author and got two published the old fashioned way. My son self-published on Amazon. We are three generations of writers! One technical problem is I wrote it on a Mac. Now I can't open the files!


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