Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Week, Another Interview by the Pope

The Bear is sure you know Pope Francis gave another wide-ranging interview. The Bear has been delinquent in commenting. He supposes he must, not because the world is waiting breathlessly, but because this blog has dabbled in the ephemeral and raised certain expectations.

One thing the Bear did notice was that Pope Francis condemned religious violence, and made it pretty clear he is talking about Islam. But then he spoiled it by saying every religion had its fundamentalists, and that you did not have to kill people to be murderous, etc.

Everyone who sees the news once in awhile knows that Muslim fundamentalists are the ones blowing up Christians and murdering them wherever the wail of the muezzin offends God's blue sky. I don't know why we have to always render meaningless a discussion about Islam by dredging up the 30 Years War or the Crusades. The West got over religious violence (not to say it didn't find plenty of other reasons to waste blood -- mostly its own).

Anyway, expect my next article to be about the interview. There are some interesting things in it.

For all the concern generated by the Pope's public and private pronouncements, at least he is not writing encyclicals. They fall like the dew and evaporate just the same, and just as well.

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