Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pope Francis Blasts Church Liberals

Pope Francis blasted those who want to make everyone in the Church out of the same bland Vatican II mold. Calling them "uniformists," the Pope accused them (without identifying any group in particular) of being "rigid."

Following this unexpected endorsement of a diverse Church where tradition is welcome alongside innovation, the Pope also criticized liberals who had their own "alternative" set of beliefs. He said these "alternativists" "rent" the Church instead of making it their home. The Pope also criticized those who used the Church as a means to advance their business interests.

Each of these three groups was described as "having one foot outside the Church."

The remarks came at his morning Mass.


  1. Seems he is blasting Liberals all the way around.
    Who is actually the most "rigid" in the church today? How many people, when suggesting Chant, Latin or Adoration are instantly shut down?
    How many Diocese will not allow an OF mass to be said?
    They are the "rigid", make no mistake about this.

  2. Sounds. To me like Francis is bashing those pesky "neopalagion restorationists, self absorbed rosary counting" types.
    There appears now not only to be a rupture between Vatican II and the 2000 years prior, but also discontinuity between Francis and Benedict.
    Our lady of Akita, ora pro nobis!


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