Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime Bear

Oh dear, almost a week since my last post. It is well known that Bears hibernate in Winter. But, it's not Winter, you say. True. Some Bears become lazy in Summer, as well. Bears generally do best in Spring and Fall, avoiding the hottest and coldest parts of the year.

The next post shall be the third part of Pope Francis' La Vanguardia interview, and maybe after that my interest shall perk up again. In the mean time friends of the Bear (FOB) and woodland creatures can take pleasure in knowing that the Bear is having lots of fun playing games with his youngest son. (All right, we're both full grown, but we can still enjoy games, can't we?)


  1. Of course you can. I'm looking forward to teaching Pizza Party (a classic from the '80s) to my new grandson one day. From there we will advance to more esoteric classics from the '30s (The Winnie the Pooh Game) and before he gets old enough to be affronted by it, The Nancy Drew Mystery Game from the 50s. Games are awesome!!! :-D

  2. We don't play any old standards, but things like Ticket to Ride, a fairly mainstream Eurogame, to more esoteric fare like Star Wars Attack Wing, Elder Sign, and wargames. Games are not something we pull out when we're bored, but our full-blown hobby.

  3. It's all about the appeal to the imagination, I think. An adventure shared (even if it's just a ramble thru the Hundred Acre Wood). I've never had any kind of attention span, even when playing games that "speak" to me. So, the really simple board games I cut my teeth on as a kid, and played with my own kids, are still just my speed all these years later.


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