Monday, June 2, 2014

The Future Belongs to the Traddies


From The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Benedict Center.

Witness, in this article, the fruit of the contraceptive culture and abortion. Moslems are having lots of children. The only families having normal numbers of children in this country are Hispanic. As it is, the only families that will provide a future for the United States are Hispanic and traditional-minded Catholics (this includes every nationality). 

Update: Is the Pope stealing the Bear's material?

If there is a red-hot-button issue for the Bear, it is demographics. No, let's not hide behind a fancy word.

Catholics would solve all of the world's problems if they had big, Catholic families like they are supposed to.

Ow, that's going to leave a mark, Bear. Who are you to tell young Catholics how many children they -- without cramping their style and wasting money on children that they could otherwise use on vacations -- can afford to bring into the world. (Of course, the Bear is not addressing those who have truly legitimate reasons, like health or real destitution; this is about those Catholics who are simply drifting with the anti-life culture of the West.)

Having children is the most natural, loving, and trusting thing a married man and woman can do.

Catholics would solve all of the world's problems if they had big, Catholic families like they are supposed to.

Few children means few priests. Duh. Few children is a sign that a lot of Catholics are contracepting, which is a serious sin. They should be breeding like God-fearing, amorous, Malthusian, baby-crazy, rabbits. Catholic marital beds should be launching pads for myriads of babies, their trajectories taking them into the future where they will be priests or parents themselves. Babies are our secret weapon. This is not rocket science. It is what normal young Catholic couples like to do, anyway.

But only traditionalist Catholics seem to grasp this truth.

The Bear went to a traditional Latin Mass a few weeks ago in a major city. It seemed that every woman was carrying a baby. There were men with babies, too. There were even babies with babies. It was heart-warming to see entire pews staked out by a single family. (When the Bear Clan is assembled, we take a whole pew, and that's without any grandchildren. Yet. Then again, we're a large family. No, I mean a family with large, burly men.)

It looks like the future belongs to the Traddies. Everyone else is slacking off to oblivion.

We could do worse.

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