Friday, July 18, 2014

Christianity Ended in Mosul

Rorate Caeli reports sad news from Mosul. Its Christian presence has been obliterated. The intellectual and moral poverty of the United States' "War On Terror" receives a stinging indictment in the brief article. It's well worth reading.

You remember Iraq, right?

We stirred the anthill well and truly yet we still cherish notions of "democracy," and "Arab springs," and "our terrorists." While average citizens seem to be recognizing the truth, our politicians are as venal and mendacious as ever. The State Department spends more time worrying about foreign contraception and homosexual rights than Islamic butchery.

Christians are not high on the sympathetic victim list, it seems.

It is bitter to say it, with two sons in the Army, one a combat veteran of Afghanistan, but this country owns a big part of the mess, and the Lord's arm is not short.

The Islamic world had its strongmen for the simple reason it needed them. It needed them to keep the lid on the simmering hostilities and restless energies of the Islamosphere. We blundered in and easily defeated a country who had first world weaponry but a third world army.

We pretended they yearned for democracy.

The reality was they have never earned a democracy.

What we gave them was a future of bloodshed and confusion in a region of ever-widening instability.

We have learned nothing. Even now, we are trying to paint Syria's Assad -- that country's legitimate leader -- with the Saddam brush, while supporting terrorists fighting against the Syrian government. We're supporting terrorists! Can we lie down with dogs and not get up with fleas? Ironically, the Russians have a better policy than we do in Syria. Have we learned so little from our fiasco in Iraq, and our fiasco in Afghanistan, where the Afghans repay our country's tender concern by killing our boys in cold blood?

Pray that our politicians have learned their lesson. We must never return to Iraq. Shrug, say we gave them a chance, it was a noble effort, anything except "we're going back to fix what we broke the first time."

When the light of Christianity is snuffed out anywhere by any means it is tragic. When that light is ancient and is replaced by a shadow of palpable evil, angels must weep.


  1. "When the light of Christianity is snuffed out anywhere by any means it is tragic. When that light is ancient and is replaced by a shadow of palpable evil, angels must weep."

    Wordsmithing Bear...pure, beautiful, truly accurate wordsmithing.

    1. Thank you, Susan. It makes me happy to see you in the woods again.

  2. In the Spanish-American war, President McKinley confided to his diary the wonderful idiocy that since the Philippines had fallen into our lap, the United States had an obligation to make Christians of them. (I believe there are at least two dioceses in that "pagan" country that predate the English settlement at Jamestown). The messianic democracy-mongering of the Calvinist President Wilson and the minimally Christian FDR also did much to dismantle Christendom in central and eastern Europe. More recently, the USA has never shown measurable interest in the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East, whether in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, or now tragically fading out in Iraq and Syria. Part of the problem is that the USA, founded by Enlightenment skeptics and dominated by DIY protestants, is willfully ignorant of the existence and value of apostolic Christianity. The other part of the problem is that we're not very good at foreign policy, especially in the middle east.

    1. Trenchant summary. Few people realize just how bad Wilson was, but he is indirectly responsible for WWII, as well.

  3. Everything after "The Islamic world had its strongmen..." is absolutely pure gold.

    1. So, before that is, what, like 18k gold? Dental gold? What?


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