Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Does the Pope Play Dungeons and Dragons?

When the Pope starts talking about the Church being not a sphere, but a polyhedron, most people are left scratching their heads.

But there's one group that positively breathes polyhedrons. Role-playing game geeks use polyhedral dice.

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons players get it. Have we learned another surprising fact about Pope Francis? Could he play a Level 20 Cleric with a few friends and a lot of Doritos late nights at Casa Santa Marta? Who else thinks in these terms besides a gaming geek?

The Bear spent many a long night when he should have been doing homework playing Dungeons and Dragons when it first came out in the mid-70s. Yessir, back in those days, there were three slim little booklets that came with something no one had ever before seen: polyhedral dice. A four-sided die (designed to inflict painful injuries when stepped on), a familiar six-sided cube, plus 8-, 10- and 12- siders.

Un milione says the Holy
Father will be a
Lawful/Good cleric again.
Gamers are natural Catholics. They understand the difference between Good and Evil, Clerics are held in esteem, and they are comfortable with a lot of rules. Begin by telling them, "So, the Pope says the Church is like a 20-sided die," and you'll have their attention.

Better yet, maybe we could publish a "Missals and Miters" game where characters level up by "attracting" converts and establishing a "stable group" of non-player characters for a Latin Mass.

A happy belated Gary Gygax day, July 27. He invented an entire industry with his little game. 

If nothing else, at least now when the Pope talks about polyhedrons, you'll have a mental image to go with it.


  1. Now that I think about it, there was no 20-sider. You rolled a 10 and a six-sider (even adds 10, odd adds zero) to get 1-20. You rolled two 10s for 1-100.


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