Monday, July 28, 2014

Hold Your Applause -- St. Pope John XXIII

Read the brief post at Fr. Z, which also has a remark by Pope Benedict XVI, but this deserves as much exposure as possible. St. Pope John XXIII says don't clap in church. "The temple of God is the Temple of God." AMEN. Clap at your child's school musical, but such a vulgar secular display has no place in a church.

At the Bear's parish, people sometimes clap during the announcements at the end of Mass. The Bear must silently pretend to clap lest he blow his cover and people discover he is a Bear. (You'd think it would be obvious, but it's always the little things that give you away.)

And, by the way, how do they handle announcements at Latin Masses? I've always thought it was awkward for the priest to read a long list of announcements, or even to have a parishioner to come up and give a brief talk on some upcoming program, before the dismissal.

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  1. At Holy Family's Log Church, announcements seem to be kind of two-tiered: things like when people will meet to decorate the church, 2nd collections, availability of sign-up sheets for potlucks etc. are generally announced before Mass by one of the older lay stalwarts. Such things as processions, Blessing of Throats after Mass on St. Blaise's day, or an upcoming change of scheduled celebrant are generally announced by the priest just prior to beginning his homily (and before he dons his biretta, if he is of biretta-wearing rank). It can vary, though.


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