Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maybe Proselytizing Isn't Such a Bad Idea After All

We can't compete
with big hair.
If there's anything Pope Francis hates, it's proselytizing. Catholics must simply walk -- walk is a favorite word -- around radiating attractiveness.

After researching this strategy, however, the Bear has concluded there is a serious attraction gap between Protestants and the Catholic Church. They win, hands down.

For the first time, the Bear has considered trying out women priests.

Okay, he's still working on the concept.


  1. The Catholic Life is the life of the's not easy...Why do the hard way when one can do the easy way, attraction is easy with gimmicks, but do we want to try to win people with gimmicks? Of course not...the only way is to teach the full Truth in charity, what used to work still works.

  2. "Teach" is where you go wrong, Joe. That's getting into proselytizing. And whose "truth?" Which side of the polyhedron are you, anyway? The Bear is getting on his bicycle. That used to attract a nice crowd in Smolensk.

    1. the correct side of the polyhedron, the one that's facing the cross ;)...Oh yes, I forgot proselytizing is solemn nonsense...who am I to judge, ooops, I guess I'm not with the program


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