Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prayers for Pisky Priestesses

During today's Prayers of the Faithful -- to which Father always likes to give his personal touch -- we prayed for the new Episcopalian priestess in town, Mother Jones. It went something like this:

Bless the hands of the Episcopalians,
Running red with the blood of Catholic martyrs of yore.
May they bring many souls to eternal death in heresy
Through joyous contraception and sodomy.
Bless Thy priestess, Mother Jones,
And let us become more like the Episcopalians every day.

Or at least that's how the Bear remembers it.

Needless to say, he did not join in, nor did any member of his family, by unspoken, common agreement.

There's tough, then there's Novus Ordo tough. You walk out after ten rounds with Father Ecumenism with your faith and sanity intact and you know you're a Catholic, son.

And lest anyone think this is a hanging curve ball for the combox after yesterday's post on Why I Am Not a Traditionalist, the Bear never said the Novus Ordo Mass was free of silliness now and then. The Bear just doesn't think the Baby Jesus should be thrown out with the bathwater in expectation of the Millennial Reign of the Latin Mass.

(The Bear supposes he will be left behind.)


  1. Now, now - if you get left behind, I'm sure the oversight will be rectified as soon as Sts. Corbinian and Benedict have a word with the Boss :-)

    1. Perhaps Father will pray for St. Topcliffe's intercession, along with Doctor of the Church St. Henry XVIII's.

    2. Not even Elizabeth I would have canonized Topcliffe!

  2. P.S. that graphic is brilliant :-D


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