Thursday, August 21, 2014

Francis Fatigue

"He who eats the Pope dies."
From indigestion.
Update: Pope Pius X's essential encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis "On the Doctrine of the Modernists" (1917). It is not a hard read, nor overlong, as is the fashion today. You will be the wiser for having read this great pope's uncovering of the weaselly ways of "the synthesis of all heresies," It is quite relevant today.

The Bear needs a Pope break. He is reminded of a circus act in Vienna several hundred years ago where he was compelled by painful methods to beat a large drum with a stick held in both paws. You would think that act would have gotten old fast. You would be wrong. The Bear would like to say he will not write anything about Pope Francis for two weeks. But who knows what the Pope will do, so no promises.

And, of course, the Bear has to remember what Catholic bloggers wrote about before Pope Francis!

This started out as an article about how best to deal with this perfect storm of papal problems. Then the Bear just got tired of writing about it all. So the world will have to handle it without the Bear's 1000+ years of wisdom. Maybe this is the answer. Check out. Hunker down. Talk about something else.

Please, just give us a break for two weeks. Is that too much to ask? Nothing weird. Just rest up from the trip to Korea. St. Pope Pius X, pray for our Church on this, your day.

St. Pope Pius X

Glorious Pope of the Eucharist, Saint Pius X, you sought "to restore all things in Christ." Obtain for me a true love of Jesus so that I may live only for Him. Help me to acquire a lively fervor and a sincere will to strive for sanctity of life, and that I may avail myself of the riches of the Holy Eucharist in sacrifice and sacrament. By your love for Mary, mother and queen of all, inflame my heart with tender devotion to her.

Blessed model of the priesthood, obtain for us holy, dedicated priests, and increase vocations to the religious life. Dispel confusion and hatred and anxiety, and incline our hearts to peace and concord. so that all nations will place themselves under the sweet reign of Christ. Amen.

Saint Pius X, pray for me.

And for our Church.


  1. Beautiful prayer to a great saint. Thank you!

  2. ditto Elizabeth.

    It made me feel better just praying it.

  3. Of course. Let it go. God IS in charge, you know. Francis can do/say what he will.

    Thanks for St. Pope Pius X reminder and encyclical.


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