Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why I Wear My Crucifix Exposed

The Bear went up to Our Lady of the Snows shrine Saturday for a dulcimer festival. While he waited for his mate outside the main building, an elderly lady slowly got out of her car and made her way toward the Bear, resplendent in his silver St. Benedict's Medal crucifix.

The lady walked right up to the Bear and said, "I have to ask. If you say a rosary, but the beads aren't blessed, does it still count?"

"Why, yes, ma'am!" the Bear answered confidently. "It counts!"

"Thank you," she said, clearly relieved, and went on her way.

1. So when you wear your crucifix exposed, you become Catholic Answer Man (or Bear, or Woman) At Large.

Before that, on the same trip, the Bear was heading into a gas station restroom at one of the tiny towns on the way up to the Snows when a tall, skinny, long-haired, scruffy man in a sleeveless shirt stopped him. The Bear's first impression was that he looked like a meth cooker (and the Bear has seen his share).

"Hey, I got one of them crosses like that," he shared eagerly. "It's a CATHOLIC one with the JESUS on it!"

The Bear almost laid some proselytizing on him, then remembered how much Father Mario HATES proselytizing, so the Bear just smiled and mumbled something pleasant.

2. So when you wear your crucifix exposed, you gain instant street cred with scary rednecks.

Do any readers have any stories about times their crucifixes have been noticed by someone?


  1. I haven't got a crucifix story, yet. This is the one I'd like to start with, though: I'm going about my business somewhere -- maybe browsing the greeting card aisle at the chain pharmacy I frequent -- and a smiling woman comes up to me and says, "I noticed your crucifix. Are you a Catholic? I reply in the affirmative, and she says, "I'm a convert, and nobody else in my family is Catholic; they're either atheists who think all religious believers are idiots, or Protestants who don't understand the Church and don't want to. My old friends, ditto. Even he Catholics I know from my parish don't understand the Church and don't want to. They think anyone who opposes contraception is nuts, cohabitation before marriage is no big deal, women should be know?" I reply, "Do I ever."

    My new friend and I go for coffee.


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