Friday, September 5, 2014

A New Link to Check Out

I am adding a new link on the sidebar to the right. Uncommon Descent is officially an Intelligent Design blog, but Denyse O'Leary does a great job populating it with intellectually stimulating articles on the train wreck that is consensus science.

Denyse is a Canadian journalist who coauthored The Spiritual Brain. We corresponded back when I headed up one of the Illinois Death Penalty Trial Assistance offices. "Neurolaw" was (is) all the rage, and I wrote several articles for lawyers on what is mostly bunk.

Besides Intelligent Design articles, you can also find the latest on fraudulent science, the silly multiverse, and other interesting topics. This one on the multiverse is typical. (Don't forget to check out the links.)

So if you are interested in the intersection of faith and science, and the abuses of science in the cause of atheism, you will probably like Denyse's writing.


  1. I at times watch some of the science shows on tv. Scientist sure seem to look down on the general population and religous people in particular. When they are so confident on the multiverse and 12+ dimensions, I consider them little more than alchemists of the past. Will check out the links. Thanks

  2. It's amazing how often journalists and scientists collude in fraud, or shall we say, speculation asserted as fact.


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