Monday, September 8, 2014


True to his word, the Bear presents the traditional St. Corbinian's Day cookie! Just as delicious as he remembers from the Old Country.

Even Buster, the Bear's faithful Yorkie, got into the spirit of things, by getting up on the kitchen table and eating one of the cookies. He was reenacting the part of St. Corbinian's Bear.

So the Bear hopes that next year, many beloved woodland creatures will have their own pony cookie cutter and celebrate the day in style! Maybe by then the Bear can locate a source for Korbinian's Doppelbock.

Although cold milk tastes pretty good with cookies.

(Thanks to the Bear's driver, bodyguard, personal pastry chef and factotum, Red Death, for making the cookies.)


  1. This feast day is officially being added to our Family calendar.

  2. If you have kids, you could play pin the leg on the horsie.

  3. Happy feast day!

    Thanks for the game idea..I think....!

    1. Thank you. It was quite a successful celebration, although next year I think I want to grill.


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