Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jack Weston

The Bear mentioned Jack Weston is his choice in the Twilight Zone production of "The Laughing Man." He realizes you probably wouldn't recognize the name, but bets the face will be familiar.

On the topic of creative writing, there is a bit of new traffic over at Judging Angels (see the sidebar) -- pinging Jane. The Bear is up to Chapter 13 posted from his Charles Williams inspired spiritual thriller, Judging Angels.


  1. Bear...can't remember if your fine sons are Army or Marine (sorry), but either way this should put a BIG smile on the face of any sailor, soldier, airman, or marine. (first time I've smiled in some days...and I was singin' out loud with them :)) We're ALL marines today! :) Well done good and faithful servants!!!

  2. Yes, that was in my Facebook feed. Thanks for sharing it. Something that is not so nice is the shameful way soldiers are often neglected. The entire time my son was downrange he never once saw a Catholic chaplain or had access to the sacraments. He was in danger of death every day and night. I'm still burned about that. But I think he appreciates them more now.

    Well, the other twin still has over a year to go at Ft. Hood, and he's ready to get out of Mr. Lincoln's army, as we call it (Zoar being south of Richmond, VA). I would never say it to them, but Papa Bear warned his cubs about them slick recruiters!

    1. I had this same problem when I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. I'm currently writing about it right now. Sadly, it's the stark reality of such a severe priestly shortage within the Military Archdiocese as well as the Church overall.

    2. You may have read this elsewhere here, but their first night at the FOB, March 1st, 2012, two "friendly" Afghans inside killed the kid in one tower (my son was in the other -- it was a coin flip I can still hardly think about) and attacked the sleeping soldiers inside the FOB. My son engaged with 40 mm grenade fire and small arms fire from the other tower. He lost his team mate in the other tower, and his sergeant, Jordan Bear, who was Catholic. So many times it seems he was saved by a miracle.

      Happily, both twins are back home, but some things leave a mark.

      What unit were you with?

  3. Weston is the perfect choice for this. Like no other actor, he could convey incipient beads of sweat just under the surface of bonhomie.


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