Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RCIA Starts; Bear's Mate's a Witch

The Bear has been allotted one evening, and the topic is Dogma and the Papacy.

Delicious, yes.

It gets even better. On the prepared syllabus it says "Vatican II -- non-dogmatic."

Maybe she's just a Bat Christian.
Now, about the Bear's mate. He has mislaid his copy of Malleus Maleficarum, but is pretty sure the following evidence would secure her conviction of witchcraft (at least by some judges the Bear has practiced before). Yesterday, when she opened her umbrella, inside were two wasps, a spider web, and a bat.

So, she's either a witch, or she needs to use her umbrella more often.

Come to think of it, this is not the first bat event with her. One evening we went out on a lake in our canoe. Since the canoe is required to have lights, she attached powerful LED lights to her head. When it got dark, bats started dive-bombing her head.

She said the lights attracted bugs, which attracted hungry bats.

Up until this latest incident, the Bear believed her.

Now he's thinking the evidence is tipping toward witch. But this sort of cute witch.


  1. Your RCIA topic sounds fun - enjoy! May your candidates and catechumens be blessed by your presentation, and you by their response.

    On an off-topic question: you regularly say to nail your paw to the floor in your local parish. Which I have done (and there is much good there). But I've been invited to join the choir at the Cathedral. Beautiful music, and better liturgy than at my parish. I'm leaning towards doing so. Any thoughts?

    1. The counsel of Holy Stubbornness(TM) is mostly a warning against parish-shopping and falling away. It sounds like you have a legit reason to change. Since you evidently have a beautiful voice, your current parish might miss you. If it were me, I would consider what other activities I was involved with, if any. In other words, are you going to leave a hole if you leave? But, again, your situation is not really what I'm talking about. "Nail your foot to the floor of your favorite pew and die there" is more about not giving up, or giving in. You'll make the right choice.

    2. Thank you! BTW, I did not intend to imply that you are responsible for my belief in Holy Stubbornness ™ ; I've followed that for decades. I just wanted an opinion from someone who agrees with the principle.


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