Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Cannot Serve Both Blog and Mammon

Oh dear, where has the time gone? Last week, the Bear's precious Nexus 7 tablet took a very short fall to the carpet. When the Bear looked, the screen was shattered. It seemed odd, but at least it was an opportunity to take a serious look at the iPad Retina Mini. Monday it arrived from Amazon. What with migrating to the new platform and frustration and fun in equal measure, the Bear has fallen down on his blogly duties.

He is sure, however, that the woodland creatures will be warmed by the thought of their Bear enchanted by his new gadget. He found several good games that look great on the Retina display.

The end to the story is that Sunday the Bear opened the glove compartment to retrieve his missal. Miraculously, there was his Nexus 7, completely undamaged! His son had trashed his months ago, and for some reason set it out where the Bear would assume it was his, and not notice the damage until that short drop. A convoluted, unnecessary, and improbable tale, but there you have it.

(If anyone is interested, the two are both great, but the iPad Mini has a lot of little advantages that add up.)

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