Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Turkish Seal Show Gets Underway

Greetings Woodland Creatures and Welcome Strangers,

Inscrutable utterances by the Oracle of Santa Marta, wacky lay people and who knows what else as this Turkish seal show of a Synod gets underway. It would be easy to get discouraged -- if this wasn't the Roman Catholic Church. You know the same Church who prayed its way to victory against a larger Islamic fleet on October 7, 1571. Why, this very day! Yes, the Bear acknowledges tens of thousands of Turks is less scary than the current pope and Cardinal Kasper's Krazy Krew. However, unlike the Turks, today's enemies are on the inside chewing through the foundations. But, after all, God does have a hand in matters.

Many bloggers will be hanging on every word. Not the Bear. He hasn't the stomach for it, especially while suffering from ursine distemper. After the dust settles, things probably won't be much worse than the were before the synod. As the Bear has said before, we don't get the cool Church, the stable and has-it-all-together Church. On the best of days, we get the lavender Church teetering on outright heresy as Father Mario preaches unhinged homilies from the rafters.

We get to be the Bat Christians in a sad little Church that has seen much better days. If so, then this is God's will, which might have something to do with what we all do with this situation. Or not.

All things considered, however, the Bear would rather hang upside down (which was a crowd-pleaser in Munich back in the Bear's performing days) as a Bat Christian than be an about-to-be-tortured Christian. The Bear's not going anywhere. But he might get really angry, which would do no good, for all its entertainment value.

In fact, let the Bear just hoist the yellow banner and declare October Bear Danger Awareness Month,

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  1. I'm not sure if I will salute your equanimity or lament your lack of writing on the Synod. The synod is a puzzlement that is for sure.

    "The LORD has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble." Proverbs 16:4

    “Sorrow can sometimes be alleviated by good sleep and a bath” - St Thomas Aquinas


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