Friday, October 31, 2014

Burke Gets It

From an article in Vatican Insider about more comments from Cardinal Burke.

The Pope rightly speaks of the need to go out to the peripheries,” the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura said. “The people have responded very warmly to this. But we cannot go to the peripheries empty-handed. We go with the Word of God, with the Sacraments, with the virtuous life of the Holy Spirit. I am not saying the Pope does this, but there is a risk of the encounter with culture being misinterpreted. Faith cannot adapt to culture but , must call to it to convert. We are a counter-cultural movement, not a popular one.

The common thread running through "The Francis Effect," is not the Church's transformation of the culture, but the Church's adaptation to the culture, or, to say it in Biblical terms, the world. Cardinal Burke's words are pure gold.

Fortunately for us, all of this is way above our pay grade. God will handle all of this in his own way and in his own time. The Bear isn't just saying this. This is what he believes. Not a single one of our duties has changed. Sleep soundly tonight, for a far greater and more loving presence than the Bear watches over the woods.


  1. Thank you so much Bear. Your last sentence is so comforting ( as are Cardinal Burke's words) . The Bear will probably never understand how much his words of wisdom have helped to fortify this bewildered soul!

  2. Thank you! And you will never know the encouragement the Bear gets from his comments.

  3. I also am keeping in mind to trust in our dear Lord and also to stay close to the Blessed Mother. The Church is the Bride of Christ and the Bridegroom will see to her. I read things defending every utterance of the pope and other things the opposite. I guess what bothers me is what can be read by the men he surrounds himself and that is not a comfort at all!


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