Thursday, October 30, 2014

May the Force Be With You

It's in the Bible!

More than half of Evangelicals believe the Holy Spirit is "a force," according to a poll conducted by LifeWay Research.

And this, kids, is why we need a rock solid magisterium, and what happens when people depart from the Holy Catholic Church. The Bear believes people have no idea just how different Protestantism is from Catholicism.

If an intelligent Catholic is puzzled by something, she will consult what the Church teaches, and perhaps inquire of some of the greatest minds in Christian history, or maybe ask Father.

Yeah, they got hair, too.
A Protestant will open his Bible and try to figure it out on his own, or, possibly, "ask Pastor." (There is also Beth Moore's latest book.) You see, one's personal interpretation of the Bible (or, rather, the part Protestants retained) is the first and final authority. They are a religion of the book, like Muslims.

Catholicism is a religion of the Church. The Bible is honored as inerrant (by some more than others) but is always interpreted within the protective hedge of the magisterium.

Protestant = Book. Catholicism = Church. There are huge implications to this simple contrast.

Nonetheless, the more we can accommodate these people and adopt their methods and beliefs, the happier most in the Church leadership are. The question is, why?

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  1. Bear, the flip side to that coin in that so many Catholics consider "the Church" to be the ecclesiastical institution. As a result, they get intellectually lazy. Instead of reading Scripture for themselves, they rely on others to interpret it for them. Given what I have written about John Paul II's wholesale disregard of Scripture (let alone Tradition) when it comes to a fundamental moral demand (the execution of murderers), such a tendency does not encourage sound spiritual discernment.

    BTW, one of the things that drives me crazy is that most Catholics are more comfortable with Islam (which rejects Christ's divinity) than Protestantism (which upholds it, despite doctrinal differences). Perhaps it's because of the ideas of "moral equivalence" and "multiculturalism," as well as outright ignorance of Islam, that pervade modern Western cultures.


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