Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Michael Voris Still Michael Voris

Michael Voris of Church Militant TV has publicly fallen on his sword for going with Cardinal Burke's comments about the Pope "harming the Church"  in a way that led we "third rate" bloggers and those in our comboxes to claim Voris had finally succumbed to the temptation to criticize the Pope.

The Bear has always shrugged and said the policy of Church Militant TV is whatever they want it to be. It isn't the Bear's place to even comment on it.

As for those who thought Voris was at long last going to start criticizing the Pope, this is what the Bear wrote on October 18 :

You know in his heart of hearts, Michael Voris has felt that Pope Francis is harming the Church. It must have been very satisfying for him to, at long last, say it, even if they were someone else's words. The Bear does not expect this to signal a change from the "hey, nobody toucha the pope, capice?" policy. If anything, there is less reason now than before, after the Pope appears to be hoist on his own petard.

So, perhaps we have risen to the status of a second rate blog!

Michael Voris, does however, feel it is his place to comment on those who disagree with his policy.

The Bear does what he does. No doubt some of it is edifying, and some of it isn't. Some of it is done with a pure heart, and some out of a mixture of pride in his own imagined cleverness. Has the Bear ever bragged about how wonderful or impressive his apostolate is?

No. He knows his limitations.

Right from the start, anyone who wanders into the forest knows that the author of this blog is nothing but a Bear. Not even a human being, but a beast that struggles to walk on its hind legs in pathetic imitation of real men. (Take that for a metaphor, if you wish.)

Expect some clowning, and expect some roaring. Beyond that, the Bear can't make any promises.

Except that he'll be honest with you, and not play any have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too-while-scolding-you-for-having-your-cake games

The Bear could say more, but Michael Voris seems pretty upset already about the whole thing. The Bear still considers him a friend, but feels a bit Bearish at the moment.

Here's the "Clarification" for your perusal. What do you think? It's all fascinating to watch, but pay particular attention at the 3:00 minute mark.

Query: just a couple of pieces down here, the Bear wrote about the "Best Vortex Ever." Do you think THAT is really the broadcast that got things stirred up?


  1. Since when is a pope above criticism? Mr. Voris may have to refrain from Holy Communion for propagating an erroneous ecclesiology.

    Look. Until a couple of weeks ago, I was extremely careful about voicing my private worries about Francis. I am close with some orthodox, faithful Jesuits, with whom I especially avoided the question because I didn't want to give scandal. Same with recent converts, the unsophisticated (even when they sought my opinion), and those I deem indiscreet.

    Well, two weeks was a long time ago. I still do not refer to Francis as a heretic, much less an antipope. That is stupid and irresponsible. But I have no scruples about saying that Francis consorts with heretics, protecting and promoting them while keeping his fingerprints away from the crime scene. That is part of the mystery of iniquity, and a reality of this world, but I don't know what's in his heart. I do believe history shows it's possible for popes acting in a sub-magisterial way to blunder into material heresy through culpable ignorance or else to be maneuvered into it through intimidation or the desire for human respect. I do not believe the Holy Spirit's protection overrides a pope's free will in every respect. Indeed, I would call it heresy to suppose that He does.

    My priest friends (several of whom celebrate the Extraordinary Form, and all in good standing canonically) share my concerns. One of them is quite close to a Very Important Prelate who's been much in the news lately. I am quite sure that the extreme hands-off policy that Mr. Voris seems to feel that for whatever reason he must observe, is not constraining pious and learned priests and bishops from engaging in frank conversations with interlocutors who can be trusted to keep things in confidence. You can be confident that the H word has been mentioned.

    If Cardinal Burke can ask the Pope to demonstrate he's Catholic, it's OK for Michael Voris to raise the same question. We all have to live in the truth.

  2. Voris's mistake here, imo, was to issue this cringe-inducing "clarification" at all. It would have -- should have! -- been a case of "least said, soonest mended". But, no, Pride finally tripped him up. He had to make like he's SO important and influential that the whole world 1) cares what he said in the first place, and 2) cares what the usual suspects are predictably doing with it. Sigh.

    And yes, that other "Vortex" episode WAS the best "Vortex" ever. Even though everyone from ChurchMilitant. tv who was in Rome with Voris should have sat him down and said "Chief, it pains us to say this, because this is the best "Vortex" ever. But do Cardinal Burke a favor: don't run it. Take a chill pill instead."


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