Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pope Makes Headlines by Saying Something

The Bear will be busy doing autumn chores like sleeping and eating pot roast. Therefore he is pre-writing his blog for the next day or two:

(Rome) Pope Francis today uttered a bourgeois commonplace that sent shock waves through the Catholic Church.

A typical reaction was that of thirty-two year old Catholic mom Mary Summerville, of Brook Lawn, Massachusetts. "I just love this Pope. I can't remember a pope who, like, said stuff."

Of course, not everyone was happy with the Pope's comments. "He's reckless," charged Michael Wentworth, who writes a conservative Catholic blog called "Burn In Hell Forever, O Damned." "We get statement after statement, but there's never any theological context. Does he have an agenda?  Or is he just a guy who likes going around saying stuff like the stuff he said?"

Sources close to the Vatican say Pope Francis plans on saying something again over the next few days that will cause similar reactions among the same groups.


  1. Oh I used to read Wentworth when he blogged at All Dogs Go To Heaven! But then he took a dark turn. :(

  2. The times took a dark turn. But perhaps you have a point. I have been trying to lighten things up from time to time.


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