Saturday, November 15, 2014

God Wants a Clean Fight

The priest said:
God wants goodness
God wants light
God wants mayhem
God wants a clean fight

-- Roger Waters, "What God Wants"

There's a moment when you're focusing a camera that everything pops into perfect clarity. Has Michael Voris and Church Militant TV finally provided a sharp image?

Sometimes the Bear has been nettled by criticism on the Vortex that seems to suggest any Catholic bloggers who criticize the Pope are beyond the pale. In the past, the Bear has felt the swipe of a pretty broad brush.

"The Razor's Edge" makes it clear that it is not ordinary and occasional criticism that is a problem. Nor is it the majority of traditonalists. (If the Bear must be classified, then let him be classified as a traditionalist, since nothing else in currency seems to fit, although it is not a very tight fit.)

In other words, Michael Voris isn't talking about the Bear. He's not talking about anyone like the Bear. He's not talking about the "fair comment" crowd that comprises most of the bloggers the Bear knows or reads. That is not the "extreme," and he is not telling us to shut up.

Who is he talking about? The people who make a career out of criticizing the Pope. The ones who have (sadly, but understandably) been driven to spite. They range from the deranged to the cold and unrelenting. What they have in common is a lack of balance, a proper weight and proportion and good spirit.

Sometimes the Bear has gone there, but he hopes it has been rarely, and that his commentary has mostly been balanced and factual. He is a Bear, though, and has gotten by on a growl and a grin for centuries.

Let's face it. We are dealing with a problem Catholics have never before faced. A logorrheic pope of questionable personal orthodoxy who can't stop himself from stirring up the faithful (and unfaithful) using the latest instant media. Is it any wonder we have to sort out issues like this? Is it any wonder most of us are going a little nuts?

Inevitably, some will say, "Michael Voris has never said you can't criticize the pope? Come'on!" Fair enough. That perception certainly exists and has been earned. The Bear doubts Mr. Voris is on the brink of going nuclear on Pope Francis. However, perhaps it does mean he will find occasion to offer salutary criticism and commentary.

The other takeaway point is this. Bloggers who are sometimes critical of the Pope need not get their hackles up every time Michael Voris talks about damaging the Church and frightening the peasants. Chances are he's not talking about you.

God wants a clean fight. Gentlemen to your corners. Watch "The Razor's Edge" below.


  1. I almost cried to read what you wrote:
    "Let's face it. We are dealing with a problem Catholics have never before faced."
    Thank you. It makes me feel better to be understood. God bless you.

  2. Hang in there, Marie. It will be okay, somehow. Hopefully we'll all live to see it, but probably not. In the end, though, that isn't what matters is it? Keep your good heart!

  3. Interesting piece as always. Thank you for giving me a lesson in perspective.

  4. Your musical citation reflects the difference. A modernist would have quoted some band from the Christian cognates of real rockers.

    "If you like Pink Floyd, you'll like....Jacob's Trubadors.."

  5. Pope Francis has personally invited Patti Smith (the Godmother of Punk Rock) to be one of the performers at the Vatican's Christmas Concert. Do you guys know anything about her? From what I have been reading, she is and anti organized religion FEMEN rock star. She was just this fall appeared in concert with the Pussy Riot Band. (the FEMEN Satanic group) My questions are: Does the Pope really know the implications of this? Does he actually know her background? Does he know what kind of message this will send? Does he have any advisors around him that can clue him in? Surely he cannot be aware of what she's all about. Of course this has nothing to do with teaching 'infallibly' but why would he want to do this?

    Just now, this news is everywhere. I found it on a Catholic News outlet first, but it is now in the Huff Post, and several other places. There has to be some truth in it, I would think.

  6. Maybe she is on the periphery and Pope Francis intends to charm her with his personal charisma?


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