Saturday, November 15, 2014

Position Open at SCB

St. Corbinian's Bear is announcing a vacancy in the position of Blog Troll.

The ideal candidate will have a tenuous grasp on reality, and be utterly innocent of any logic. The ability to nonetheless adopt a superior stance is a plus, although a simple lack of manners will do.

Open auditions have begun in the combox of any SCB article.

On another subject, don't forget the Death Penalty Poll if you haven't voted. The Bear can't say he's surprised by the results.


  1. I don't think I'm qualified for the position.

    I can't vote in the poll, because the answers are too limited. Since you are, after all, a lawyer, how about a more nuanced version? (I'm working on a legal problem now, and am amazed by the linguistic complications.)

  2. Nah, it's really pretty straightforward. For means there are crimes for which you would want the State to seek death, while against means under no circumstances. I could get bogged down in interminable chemistry otherwise.

  3. So far you're the only applicant. Pretty weak, but the lack of proper grammar was a nice touch.

  4. You should be greatful that a persons of my intellect would dane to visit your minuscule micro-blog and educate you crypto-Lefebvrian, new-Pelegian, Francis-hating, cafeteria Catholics. If you weren't busy as a bottom feeding criminal defense attorney (and I hear criminal defense attorneys are generally at the bottom of their law school class) protecting priest child abusers, you would appreciate me more. C'mon, I need the work. Living in my parents' basement doesn't pay the bills like it used to.

  5. That's actually pretty good! Sadly, the position is not a paying one.m

  6. Roke: LOL!!!

    (I realize that by commenting, I risk placing myself in the earth-scorching beam of your headlights, but it matters not.) :-D

  7. In the JAG Corps there was a joke, "What do you call the person who graduated at the bottom of his class in Medical School? Doctor. What do you call a person who graduated at the bottom of his class in Law School? Lieutenant. Actually, I am having a hard time thinking of a group of lawyers who are, in general, less capable, unless it is any group that just isn't regularly challenged much.

  8. @Roke
    You're naive, bro. Those crypto-schismatic, anti-human, neo-Pelagian, pseudo-intellectual hypocritic sites of dead-faith Catholics usually ask for donations & don't give any money. They can't even afford half-time troll with random occasional progressive-multitolerant-feed-the-poor comments. It's a kind of cheap triumphalism I think. Woe to them I say.

    1. Half time troll LOL how about a downgrade to a goblin?

    2. I guess you want a free counter-insult. No way, you won't trick me to do it. A professional hater knows his value. I can offer you dedicated Professional trolling services in two business lines: INIMICUS and HOSTIS - each in three trolling packages: silver, gold and platinum. PS checks are not accepted.

    3. But how can you compete with all the trolls giving it away?


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