Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Orthodox Got Some Things Right


  1. I know what you mean!!


  2. if you liked the above youtube link, you'll love Putin's 'testimony'


    the man may be a hypocrite and a demagogue--he may not be--but it is difficult to for me watch the beauty of Orthodox liturgy and the resurgence of their Faith and not weep for the contrasting direction we are most certainly heading. Sorry for being a downer!!

    Don't worry, Bear, I got nailed my foot down, foward, so I can still kneel!!!

  3. You know, those are beautiful links, and well worth watching. The Bear thinks his heart will always be Orthodox in some ways. Seeing the little things, like holding your candle's bottom over the flame of another candle to make it stick in the holder, and the reverencing of icons, hearing the beautiful male a cappella chorus. He remembers taking communion on the spoon -- a bit of bread soaked in wine -- and having to sort of half-squat, because the Bear is so tall. He was so happy. Yet there problems: mismangement, squabbling and scandal at the top, and a local church that was a graying ethnic club with little future.

    It might not be much of a reason to return to the Catholic Church, but the fact is the Bear is a Bear of the West. Most of all, what he couldn't get out of his head was ubi Petrus, ibi eccelesia. If there is one standard God has planted, if there is one city in which He has planted it, it is Peter, and the city is Rome.

    Moscow may pretend to be the "Third Rome," but the First Rome, for all it's crazy-making problems, isn't going anywhere.

    But oh, what sweet pain those memories bring. The old story is that when pagan prince Vladimir was seeking a religion for his people, he sent emissaries to Constantinople. They were dazzled and reported they did not know if they were in heaven or earth. That's what the Bear felt like at an orthodox service.

    No chance of that confusion at my Novus Ordo parish. (That's why the Bear nails his foot to the floor, because otherwise he would bolt, and not be steadfast soldier Bear, sticking to his post, no matter how uncomfortable or unexciting.)

  4. Bear, come to St. Agnes in St. Paul, Minnesota for the 10:00 Sunday Mass. We have a Bavarian onion dome. We have a full orchestral chorale. We have the Latin. It is the novus ordo as it should have been done throughout the West. If you are looking for the porta caeli, you will find it there (it even says so above the door).

  5. If I ever need to travel north, perhaps to fish in your many lakes, I will definitely make that.


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