Monday, December 8, 2014

Where's My Comment?

SCB is not moderated. That means anyone can post in a current topic and it just shows up. The Bear relies on the good sense of his guests and Blogger's anti-spam measures. That way no one has to wait for the Bear to green light their contribution to a discussion.

But once a topic is "stale," (however Blogger defines that) comments do get held up. That's because the Bear doesn't keep track of 433 articles this year alone and would never see posts on older ones.

Sometimes Blogger does odd and unfortunate things. If you have commented on an older post recently, and don't see your comment, rest assured the Bear has not censored or ignored you. (It's not impossible that the Bear could click the wrong button, too, but he's putting the blame on Blogger absent a guilty recollection to the contrary.)

So please accept the Bear's apologies if your comment hasn't shown up. You can always try again, although the Bear realizes that is frustrating.

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