Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sweet Bear With 100% Less Francis

You will have noticed, regular readers, that the Bear is making up for his hiatus by shoveling large quantities of poorly-written material into the never-satisfied maw of SCB. (Although rehabilitating St. Pope John Paul II's mishap with the Qur'an was a fun bit of agitprop.)

 It's not so much that I'm bipolar: my energy is just unevenly distributed.

A blog article is perhaps the most ephemeral of literature. Most of them have a shelf-life of 24 hours. Maybe twice that with a Pewsitter bump. You can't even line your bird cage with them. You've got to move fast, fly under the reader's radar, drop your bomb right on target, then escape before their critical faculties can engage.

Once a reader suggested the Bear submit something to a real outlet, like First Things. Does the Bear think he could write that well? Maybe. But it would be work, and that's what he retired to get away from.The bliss of blogging is that you don't answer to anyone.

As if the Bear's distemper were not enough, last night his blood sugar rocketed up toward 400 micro-decaliters or whatever the units are. Anyway, this is supposedly high. (You didn't know a Bear could be diabetic? Try living on honey and berries and see what happens to you.)

Lent is just around the corner. Medical science has taken so much from the Bear he has hardly anything left to give up for spiritual reasons. He can't even wear a hair shirt (pointless, for obvious reasons). But there is one thing.

During Lent, SCB will be a Francis-Free zone. That's right. The Bear is giving up the Pope for Lent.

Oh dear, you say, whatever shall the Bear find to write about? (Some of you won't even say that sarcastically.) Well, the Bear doesn't know. He used to write about stuff until the Bergoglio Black Hole swallowed Catholic blogdom. He just needs to remember. (Good luck with that while he's on that pill that makes him... um... where was this going?)

Where indeed, you are asking yourselves right now.

Well there's an answer to that.


  1. LOL :-D Yes, there is an answer to that: Thank you. Thank you for the sense of humor that ducks, dodges and defies everything life throws at it. (Hi to you too, Holy Father. What up?)

    It may be a long Lent, but hey, just think of it as a dank passageway leading to discovery of a formerly hidden, beautiful new part of the forest. (This isn't a stealth visualization exercise from a well-meaning pseudo-psychologist, btw; it's my way of calming myself after going all deer-in-the headlights at the mention of Lent :-) You would mention it.)

    I guess I could join the gallery of woodland creatures as Deer In The Headlights, but thankfully there are no headlights in the forest in question. May I be a nightingale instead?

    1. We are in very much need of a nightingale. Deer are a dime a dozen.

      As oblates, we have an added little bit of fun at Lent. We have to submit our reading and "good works" in advance for the abbot's approval.

    2. I deleted your double-post, Nightingale. For a minute I thought it would be funny to leave it as "Post deleted by administrator" and let everyone imagine what foul utterance you had besmirched the woodlands with.

    3. :-) I have no idea how my post got doubled, but am very glad you stepped in to tidy things up!

  2. love the two-and-a-half popes photo.

  3. so whaderya gonna do when he marries sam and harry on the steps of St. Pete's on March 1st???

    1. I'm sure everyone would be able to find plenty of other places to read about that!

  4. Good on you. Hey, Sundays are "Little Easters". You can under the law post about Francis on Sundays...ok, don't pile on and post all that has gathered throughout the week, however. And Francis doesn't like just living by the letter of the law. So....

  5. I saw something about him criticizing "ecclesiastical elites" who "privatize" religion, whatever that means. I think I would just rather forget about him for 40 days. (Also, he makes for lazy blogging.)

  6. What about a reflection on a chapter from The Imitation of Christ?


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