Friday, January 30, 2015

The Bunny Song

The Bear imagines all the woodland creatures singing this song while doing the bunny hop.

Get on your bunny, honey, get on your bunny,
Get on  your bunny ears, your little  bunny tail.
'Cause we're gonna bunny 'til it ain't even funny,
You'll be my bunny mama, and I'll be your bunny male.

I want to kiss you on your rabbit nose, and kiss your little toes
Don't play hard to get because it's time to start the show.
Let's lie down in the clover, lover, see where it goes,
I'll be your thumper honey, and you can be my doe.


Now some say heed the word, that rabbits shouldn't breed,
There's too many bunnies honey, way more than we need.
But a rabbit's gotta do what God made the rabbits to,
So get your bunny on babe, and let's fill up that pew.


  1. With St. Valentine's Day approaching, perhaps it should be a global Be Like Rabbits Day. [Call it Bunny Day.. Quelle Bonne Idee!] Then 9 mos later let's see all the new little bunnies.

    1. I totally agree. I wonder if I can rush through my line of Bunny Love (TM) Valentine's Day products at Cafe Press? The rabbit remark is certainly not the worst thing Francis has said, but it is the most ripe for ridicule.

    2. Well, we've got a couple of weeks....Just blog it anyway. I will...let's get a blog campaign to encourage Catholic married couples to Make Like Rabbits on Valentine's Day....

  2. I get the feeling this isn't exactly going viral.


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