Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What God Wants, God Gets, God Help Us All.

Have you noticed that everything Pope Francis wants happens to be exactly what God, or the Holy Spirit want?

If Pope Francis wants to see changes, he repeatedly tells us that "God is not afraid of new things," and the like. When he wants to push ecumenism, it isn't him, it's the Holy Spirit that demands it.

What does saying "God is not afraid of new things" mean, anyway? That's like saying God is not afraid of tigers, or snowmobiles. Of course God's not afraid of new things! He's not afraid of old things, either, but you'll never hear that. "God is not afraid of Latin," is one of the few things you can be sure won't come up in the papal airplane.

What Pope Francis really means to say is this: I want to see changes, and you shouldn't get in my way. After all, it's what God wants and you don't want to go against God, do you?

Start paying attention. You can tell exactly what Pope Francis wants, because, in his telling of it, he and God always want exactly the same thing.

Here's Roger Waters (ex-Pink Floyd) at his very best: What God Wants.


  1. We live in a profoundly stupid age, thanks to mass education. No serious, well-catechized Catholic should entertain for a moment the notion of the pope as the amanuensis of the Holy Spirit, but millions of ostensibly educated people are buying it.

    It's ominously Islamic in its implications: your duty is to listen obediently while the Prophet tells you what the Spirit wants, and if the Spirit tells the Prophet (pbuh) that the New Thing is intra ecclesiam nulla salus and gay-married priestesses ... well, you'd better get packing over to the Foursquare Baptists across town. Who are you to second-guess the Spirit's hand-picked oracle? You're not some kind of bed-wetting reactionary, are you?

    1. I cannot remember a Pope constantly invoking God in support of his agenda. Granted, we have never had a Pope constantly inserting himself into the news cycle. Did Pope Benedict even once tell us that God wants more Latin Masses? Yes, if not prophet, we must still heed the White Imam. What a caricature of infallibility.

  2. You guys beat me to it....I was gonna say that once you put it that way, francis reminds me a whole lot of muhammed.


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