Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Birth of a (Queer) Nation

The Bear is coming out of the closet. He is tired of hiding and putting up with the intolerance and hate. Hate and intolerance, with hate, too. The Gay Klansmen are a-riding ho.

Gay Klansmen Parade

He is tired of their hatred of anything normal, of their offensive parades, with their bizarre outfits. He is tired of their sham marriages. Nearly every day we read of innocent business people who face a judicial lynching. He is tired of acting like the most disgusting behavior imaginable is somehow "cute," because television shows will sell perversity. He is tired of their attacks on the Church, both from within and outside.

So the Bear is coming out of his speak-no-evil, safe, little closet of the tacit approval of homosexuality and what it is doing to our country.  He is saddened by Pope Francis' position. (Don't worry, though, he's got imaginary climate change covered, because the press eats that up.)

The Bear is done with the Rainbow Klansmen, and that especially includes those who are not themselves homosexual. ("Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them." Rom 1:32)

If you keep quiet, are you consenting to their sinful behavior? Do you have an obligation to somehow give witness to people who will someday face judgment? That's your call.

The Rainbow Klansmen are bullies. They've got the courts, the media, and public opinion in their back pocket. (If the Bear should ever go dark here, you will be able to find him at www.usccb.us .) But you know what? We're still allowed to have an opinion.

Why single homosexuals out? Easy. Because no other group has mobilized a campaign to change the morality of this country for the worse. Homosexuality is proving to be the thin edge of the wedge to crack our institutions right open and bring them down.

And that, visitors and woodland creatures is the Bear's opinion. And God's.


  1. Anybody who hasn't seen this coming since "Deep Throat" was touted in the media -- with sickening nonchalance -- as a "crossover" film (from porn to mainstream), hasn't been paying attention.

  2. "We're still allowed to have an opinion"

    I fear not for long my friend....not for very long....


    Welcome back Bear...the woods are still on fire. Only more-so.

    1. None of the police cars are on fire though. (Of course we don't have police cars.)

    2. Orwell originally had Winston be a Bear (Winnie, famous Bear is the sole surviving clue). It was too short and... Grizzly.

    3. "None of the police cars are on fire though. (Of course we don't have police cars.)"

      Well, whew!...in that case I guess that none of our submarines, tanks, or fighter jets are on fire either....bright spot! :)

      And as to your 2nd point...I think I would have liked your ending much MUCH better....I take it that O'Brien 'gets his' (?)

    4. The woodlands are defended by a bunch of primitive but effective Ewok junk. Oh, and Bears and Badgers.

    5. .....and chipmunks....DON'T forget the chipmunks!

      (they get very testy...worse than a badger when they feel dissed.)

  3. I believe Linda Lovelace eventually came out with a harrowing expose of the pornography industry. Add it to subverters of morals on an industrial scale. Democrat Party fits in, too.


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