Sunday, April 26, 2015


Here at Zoar the Bear's morning begins with surveying his goat herd from the back upstairs window. Sometimes the shepherdess can be seen playing fetch with Beau, our Aussie. We also have laying hens and a rooster: Buff Orpingtons. "Buffies" are lovely chickens, the color of an antique gold pocket watch. Ours have a gentle disposition. Their satisfying cackles throughout the day signal the arrival of fresh eggs.

Our rooster Hermes has a smooth "Cadillac" crow.

One of them has bumblefoot, though. It is not uncommon in poultry. It is a bacterial infection characterized by swollen lesions on the foot. If she's not better tomorrow, we'll check in with the vet.

When the stress and controversies of blogging grow too great, sometimes a Bear needs to relax by bringing his favorite hen in and giving her a bubble bath. (Don't worry, everything gets scrubbed down with bleach afterwards.) And there's nothing a hen loves more after a bath than a nice, warm hairdrier.

Aren't these pretty girls?

Pampered chickens make better layers.


  1. Personally, after reading this post, you are a keeper :) Thanks for sharing and God bless!

    1. Thanks. Most people will just think I'm crazy :-)

  2. What happened to Jane Chanticleer? I hope he hasn't flown the coop (so to speak) or been banished.

    Btw, I never would have imagined that chickens enjoy bubble baths. I would love to know how you stumbled upon this fact -- but, perhaps it should remain a mystery to outsiders simply because, as my hd would say, "That would be telling." :-)

    (My guess would be that, once upon a time, a hen got into something icky and required washing.)

    Lovely update on life at Zoar :-)

    1. Jane, er, ran away from home some time ago, yeah, that's the ticket. Actually we have a whole new gang due to attrition from hawks (probably). That's why these have a deluxe indoor-outdoor chicken palace. They get supervised play time in the garden.

      We used to show chickens when the kids were little. That's when we first bathed them.

  3. Um...I meant "dh". Nothing in my world is high def -- I couldn't cope :-)

    When are we going to get the "edit" function back?


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